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Postby Gringo » Monday, 15th April, 2013. 04:26

Okay guys I've finally got the Wiki up and running. Obviously it has no content whatsoever, and I doubt any contributions are going to be made anytime soon (if ever tbh).

You can log in with your regular forum usernames and passwords and begin writing articles about whatever the hell you want.

Have fun.
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Postby Gringo » Wednesday, 16th January, 2013. 01:20

What You See Is What You Get Editor

Okay so I've removed the old advanced editor and upgraded to a new one.
Ya'll may think the old advanced editor was better, but this one has more potential.

Just a few things a note:
- When using BBCodes, the editor will automatically display the difference inside the text box, like typing in microsoft word. So if you click the Bold BBcode, the editor will start showing bold text as you type. You will then have to click the button again to end the bold te [...]
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News page

Postby Gringo » Friday, 21st December, 2012. 16:05

OMFG a news page (ya'll should see this on the news page too)

For now the page displays Ca downloads, and website updates as I don't really see anything else fit to go here.

also link is on the menu up there under the big Ca banner.
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Postby Gringo » Sunday, 16th December, 2012. 18:01

The team page now shows clan apathy's teams and their members rather than just the administrators and global moderators: ... de=leaders

Forum and topic rows are clickable and will take u to the topic's latest post (the big grey are where all the links sit on),

The forum rules bar title is now changeable,

There is an application form for people who want to join:

and a bug report form for reporting bugs:
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optional spoiler title

Postby Gringo » Tuesday, 23rd October, 2012. 13:59

Code: Select all

title: show
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Mobile optimisation

Postby Gringo » Sunday, 21st October, 2012. 14:32

Not sure how many of u browse here on ur mobile. But I do on occasion anyway.

There is now a mod which will automatically detect mobile browsers and display the forum in a minimalistic style. It makes the forum much faster for mobiles, and links are big touch style buttons making navigation easy. You cannot see the style whilst on a desktop unless you use googles cache after the next crawl. The reason bots will use the style is because they'll crawl much faster. I may change search engines to [...]
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Went a bit crazy today

Postby Gringo » Friday, 19th October, 2012. 03:48

and added quite a few mods.

New mods are:

Count down timer,
Forum Title colour,
National flags,
Page Titles,
Posting template,
Prime Links,
Users and Bots on separate Lines.

Also those of you who don't log in automatically have probably noticed the new style. This is prosilver special edition. It is the style used on the phpbb website, only difference is i've stretched it out.
This style is a nicer looking, grey version of prosilver, if you don't like it, well screw you. You still have th [...]
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National flags

Postby Gringo » Friday, 19th October, 2012. 00:15

You can now set up your national flag in your profile. You can see mine under my avatar
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Colourized forums YAY!

Postby Gringo » Thursday, 18th October, 2012. 22:29

Forums titles are coloured in prosilver and subsilver3 to match the corresponding team colour. looks good no?

doesn't work on hermes because the title changes colour when it's unread and I don't want to change that.

- test I like it
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Postby Gringo » Tuesday, 16th October, 2012. 23:56

There's a new field under profile in the user control panel called gamertags.

Here you can set up your various gamer tags from XBL, PSN, Origin, Xfire, Steam, and Wii.

These gamertags also appear under your avatars. You'll see under mind I have my XBL and PSN usernames. You can hover over them you see the gamer cards from both.
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Quick update

Postby Gringo » Monday, 1st October, 2012. 18:00


Okay so after striving for 2 days, I have the menu buttons now working on both hermes and hermes gray. And I have coloured them to match the banner.
Now i'm just going to remove hooks from old mods and clear out files.
edit: just noticed the menu is broken for hermes on IE. probably some CSS errors bare with it IE users (if there are any)


So this morning I woke up needing to disapprove more spam. got pretty fed up with this shit so I've changed the captcha method since google' [...]
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JK2 Font Expansion

Postby time » Tuesday, 10th July, 2012. 17:44

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